Youitube Marketing Strategy

Youtube marketing STRATEGY and ways to ace it!

Do you think YouTube Marketing Strategy can  be effective? Well, a video platform with 2 billion unique users every month and about one billion hours of videos being played cannot be a hoax, can it?

Statistics suggest that over 250 million hours of YouTube was being watched by users in March 2019. This definitely makes YouTube marketing strategy even more important. You can get extensive content visibility in both YouTube and Google search by uploading and marketing videos on YouTube. Having a strong YouTube marketing strategy helps your brand shoot real quickly.

A YouTube channel acts as a hub for all video content that you create for your company. It helps you put your products, services, and company agenda on a display to millions of new users signing up each month. Not just this but YouTube marketing strategy also ensures organic traffic to your video content.

Let us take you through some ways of ensuring the discoverability of your video content that is being watched, shared and enjoyed all over the world.

Here is the guide to effective YouTube marketing strategy for your company.

1. Choose the thumbnail carefully
The thumbnail that you select for the cover of your video plays an important part of the strategy that many ignore. It is the first thing that people see when they search for your videos, so it should be “click worthy”. In simple words, your thumbnail should be attractive. YouTube gives you three thumbnail options to choose when you upload the video. You can always upload something more appealing, catchier and customised.


2. Plan your title and description
Another part of YouTube marketing strategy is the Title of your video content. Your title is something that creates intrigue for viewers. It definitely improves your search results and drives more organic traffic to your YouTube channel. The title should consist of a keyword that ought to be the search reference for your video content and follow that with a keyword phrase unique to your business. The title should be crisp and precise whereas the description can have depth explaining the gist of the video. This way your viewers know what they are getting themselves into and creates an impact.

The description should include keywords, keyword phrases, URL of your video and anything that you consider necessary to describe your video.

3. Customize a Background Image

Next in the row for YouTube marketing strategy is to create a clean channel design to compliment your content. The background image can help you invite viewers. YouTube offers you to set your images as background images apart from the in built theme of colors and themes that it offers.


4. ‘Feature’ your best video
YouTube shows your most recent video in the main “Featured” window on your channel automatically. For users who post regularly, this is appropriate, but for those who post less regularly, it becomes an imperative option to select another video to occupy that slot.

Here is how you can do it to excel at YouTube marketing strategy.

Go to your “Creator Studio” settings.

Select “Featured Content” from the left menu under “Channel”.

Then click the “Feature Content” button and choose if you want to use the most recent uploaded video or choose a new video or playlist.

5. Add Channel Tags
Do tag. This is as essential as tagging your videos with certain keywords. By this YouTube marketing strategy you’ll be able to bring the viewers to you and can also find this on your settings option on the My Channel menu.


6. Take Note of Comments
Engaging with your viewers is an important aspect of YouTube marketing strategy. Read comments on your channel as well as on your videos and respond to them. Clean and edit if you want to. Delete and spam comments that are not relevant to your content.

7. Recent Activity helps

Show your viewers what you’ve been doing on YouTube lately. If you like or mark a video favourite on YouTube, it will show up in your “Recent Activity” as well as the “Recent Activity” box of the content creator. It is really simple to make YouTube contacts and it will help bring views to your page thus, adding to your YouTube marketing strategy.


8. Create Playlists

Create playlists of your videos and not have separate videos. Begin with compiling with the most popular or recent videos to get your viewers interested and let them scroll through old and new content.

9. Indulge in cross channel promotion
Cross Channel promotion is very effective when it come to YouTube marketing strategy to drive traffic to the target audience. In this case it is your YouTube channel. Create blog posts about the themes running on your YouTube channels, embed and link your videos in them. The blog posts apart from being promoted on social media can be shared with your opted subscribers through a newsletter. This will help you gain more followers.

Youtube marketing strategy: Conclusion:

One must follow the 9 ways mentioned above to ace their YouTube marketing strategy. Take initiative in creating an attractive and relevant YouTube channel as YouTube marketing strategies goes a long way in benefiting your business when done properly.

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