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Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing: Understanding the Difference

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing: understanding the difference between the two and answering the important question of which one to use between the two. Making the right choice is the most important decision for every marketer. Let’s elaborate on the same.

Digital Marketing is the usage of the digital channels such as the websites and social media channels for communicating the marketing agenda.
Whenever you come across social media channel advertisements popups, it is nothing but digital marketing.

Whereas, Traditional Marketing involves traditional channels like print media, billboards, etc.for the purpose of marketing.
Unitil the 1990s when the internet was not fully into use, traditional marketing was the go to for businesses.

The Difference:
The major point of difference between these two is the medium of communication which becomes the source of sending across the idea to the audience. While traditional marketing uses newspapers, magazines, and billboards, digital marketing is more focussed on digital media like websites and social media channels.
This doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is outdated. It still plays a crucial role in many marketing plans and helping people step out of the digital world.
The interactive experience of an impactful TV commercial and the power of catchy jingles is as relevant as 20 years ago. One subconsciously attaches oneself to the brand emotionally.

In the same way digital marketing experts emphasise that digital marketing is just as important if not more. Digital Marketing is more customized. If you search for a holiday spot for your next vacation, soon after you may start seeing tailored ads from resorts and hotels in that area.

Using the internet has become an integral part of each one’s day and businesses can use digital marketing to their advantage cleverly by becoming a part of the ongoing marketing communication into every digital channel.

Which one should you choose?
The key to a great marketing campaign is finding the right blend of traditional as well as digital marketing in balance. A good marketing campaign comprises both the marketing methods in the right amount to create an impact. When used together, both elevate each other’s impact creating a win win for the marketers as well as the audience.

With the rise of social media, people often undervalue the importance of traditional marketing. And on the other hand old practices of traditional marketing often make companies hesitant to switch towards digital marketing.
Ultimately we take home the fact that both the methods have their own benefits. Where traditional marketing is impactful and memorable, it is often expensive and hard to measure.
Digital marketing is considered targeted, measurable and engagement oriented, it has its own set of cons as its constantly evolving and can become annoying for the viewers.

We would advise you to understand the specific needs of your agenda, budget and target audience and create an amalgamation of the right mix of traditional and digital marketing methods.

We at Customer Maps with the help of our digital marketing experts guide you through all of it keeping your requirements in mind. Contact us now to get your marketing needs sorted.

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