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Outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing Services.

Why Customer Maps

Create Immersive
Omni-Channel Experience

Offer Omni-Channel Customer engagement across the entire customer journey from Digital Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Website, ecommerce and Beyond.

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Why Customer Maps

Customer Engagement

Reach The Customers Who Matter The Most

Show up when customer search for what you offer.Be present where customers search for what to do, where to go and what to buy.

Amazing Customer Experience

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Results –Driven Omnichannel Marketing

We help companies who aren’t growing fast enough. Our team understand the digital path to purchase that an individual undertakes and utilize Omni-Channel strategy to connect to the targeted audience at different points on that path. Our team of digital marketing expert’s map the customer journey by finding out a unified approach across all these digital channels.

We create seamless customer experience across all channels that include Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Website, Social Media Management, Data & Analytics, Chatbots and E-commerce Management.

Our digital marketing experts have put together many successful digital marketing campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads, phone calls, transactions, and qualified website traffic. They’ll do the same for you.

All-in-One- Digital Marketing Strategy

Offer an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Be everywhere your customers are and engage with them in real time .Whether people are on mobile, desktop, social media or google platform turn them into your valuable customers.

Digital Advertising

Improve your ROI with Google, Bing and Yahoo Platform .

Its more than just impressions and clicks – its real customers. Grab only the best opportunities. Track phone calls and store visits. Focus on Revenue. Learn More.

Search Engine Optimization

Proven Organic SEO

Drive more organic traffic directly to your website. Get more qualified traffic on the search terms and keywords that resonate the most with your business. Set your business up for long-term success.

Website Development

Results-Driven Website Design

Get a customer-friendly website design that attracts traffic. Elevate your business with a trusted website that your customers will love. Your website interface will load extremely fast and will be easily adaptable across all the devices.

Social media management

All-in-one composer and post-scheduling calendar

Build, listen & engage with loyal fans throughout different demographics of social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. Build a convenient post scheduling calendar to make your work easy.


Improve customer experience with chatbot software

Automate customer support, speed up response times, boost conversion rates and generate leads — all with Chatbots.

Reputation management

What are People saying about your business?

Monitor and manage all aspects of your online reputation, including listings, reviews,
mentions, and more. It helps businesses improve visibility in local searches and gain a loyal customer base.


Gain Deep Insights with Google Analytics

Get to know your customers on a deeper, more personal level. Learn where they come from and how they engage with your brand.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising

Drive engagement by using audience targeting

To succeed in Social Media and expand your brand discoverability, curate the right kind of advertising mix in the right places, and create great results for your company with our expertise.

E-commerce Management

Want to build an online store and sell online?

It will not only help you generate more sales, but also keep those customers coming
back for more.

The Reason

Why we made Customer Maps

Customer Maps was created out of a need to enable brands and business increase customer engagement by understanding digital path to purchase.

With an innovative vision and a lot of hard work, Customer Maps has shown quickly results for North America’s fastest growing companies. Our relentless focus on our clients, our curated digital strategy implementation and result driven approach separates us from competition.

We keep our clients happy by delivering results that exceed their expectations. Our headquarter is in Calgary Alberta and we service clients across North America.

100% Customer Success
is Our Commitment

At Customer Maps success means that you achieve the value you expect from Service, Digital Software and are delighted by the experience.

Brands That Trust Us

We’re here to help. Untangle your
marketing complexity.

Multi-Location Business App

Get instant insights on all your businesses, in one place. Multi-Location Business App is a roll-up of reputation, listings, and Google My Business analytics to allow Brand Managers to monitor and improve their franchise’s online SEO.

How Customer Maps Create Business Growth

  • Dedicated account manager for each account
  • On-Staff expert in marketing, design and digital strategy
  • Clear, concise and timely reporting
  • Experts are perfectly matched with your business goals
  • Consistent unbiased monitoring to assure optimal results and accountability
  • Multiple campaign strategy revisions
Lead Increase

Maximize Your Digital Marketing Investment
with Customer Maps Premier Success Plan